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KTQ is the vision and embodiment of Peggy Flannery, the driving force behind the company.

Bringing a well travelled wealth of experience and knowledge, she has shaped the approach and delivery of their developments.

Peggy’s ongoing vision for KTQ is simple - ‘Add value to communities’, and with a diversified portfolio of projects and investments growing yearly, it is on a trajectory to continue delivering people-focused projects across a range of industries.

2010 2013

Early Days

Early Days

One of KTQ Group's earliest and most successful developments was somewhat unintentional. The Flannery’s had purchased 200 acres of beachfront land to build their retirement home on.

As Peggy spent more time on the property, she felt a connection to the land - a place soaked in history. A decision soon followed; share the land with the greater community, and Elements of Byron was born.

With a secluded suite of luxury villas, people could now create their own memories and connect with the land.

At the same time as Elements of Byron was being developed, a smaller, boutique project was also underway. The Bayshore Bungalows were created as a secluded Byron Bay retreat, within stones throw of beaches, bistros and the Byron Arts Estate.

After the success and community appreciation of Elements of Byron and Bayshore Bungalows, it was time to do it all again. In late 2010, after exploring the beautiful coast of South East Queensland, The Kirra Hotel was acquired with the intention of creating a residential tower, hotel, and recreate the iconic hotel once more. Development is set to start June 2021.

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“I just fell in love with it [the land] the moment I stepped out of the car..”

Peggy Flannery, statement from
northern star lismore

2013 2018

Exponential growth

Nothing was overlooked. Everything was considered, with the impact on the environment and local community informing every decision made.

It's this unique thinking that has allowed KTQ to branch into a string of other developments, from bistros & bars, to high-end apartments and a world first solar train.


2018 — Now

What made us great still
makes us great

KTQ Group is at heart, a family owned and privately funded company. Their boutique approach, and dynamic ability to research, listen, adapt and create is what makes their projects award-winning.

By owning and managing most of their creations, quality is assured, and with their commitment to great outcomes they will continue to deliver developments that people genuinely love.

“Life is for living not existing. Seize your potential, escape your comfort zone and create the life you want..”

Peggy Flannery / founder

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